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Checklist for Successful Auto Detailing

SUCCESS IN THE DETAIL BUSINESS IS NOT BASED ON JUST ONE THING, BUT ON A SERIES OF INTERRELATED FACTORS   In the many articles that have been written about the auto detailing business the indisputable fact is that auto detailing presents a great potential. However, many in the business are finding failure before they start.   For successful auto detailers, the reasons are obvious and simple. But it is also evident that we have not done a good job of communicating these reasons to the newcomers in the business and even many old timers.   Reasons for Lack of Success   To make it simple, the following is a checklist of all the possible reasons operators are experiencing problems rather...

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About Vinyl, Leather and Carpet Auto Interior Repair Kits

Changes in Vinyl, Leather and Carpet - Interior Repair Technology Vinyl, leather and carpet - auto interior repair is a highly technical niche market within the detailing industry. Detail Plus Is No Longer Selling Interior Repair Kits After many years of selling these systems, we've had to stop. The technology and skills required to do this service have moved beyond what we can properly and adequately train our customers to do. For this reason we've discontinued selling these systems and offering the training. We Recommend Superior Restoration There are a number of quality companies that participate in this market.  We recommend contacting superior restoration services at: Superior Restoration is a long standing high quality provider of products to  the...

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