About Detail Plus

The evolution of the detail business began in the late 70’s when the price of motor vehicles began to increase, financing terms lengthen, and ownership went from 3.2 years in 1978 to over 8 years today. Before then, detailing was a service done by or for the auto dealers. Today it has evolved into a legitimate retail business that is known as car detailing, auto detailing, and auto reconditioning. People are concerned with protecting their leisure time and are willing to have others perform needed car appearance services for them.

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems has been a leader in the evolution of the detailing industry from a strictly wholesale service to a legitimately recognized auto service.

DETAIL PLUS is the choice of anyone involved in the detail business, be they

  • mobile auto detail operations
  • auto detailing
  • auto reconditioning shops
  • car washes
  • auto dealers; or any other business wanting to offer
  • car detailing services

DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems has lead the industry in

  • auto detailing equipment
  • auto detailing technology
  • auto detailing systems
  • auto detailing chemicals
  • auto detailing supplies and accessories

In business since 1981, DETAIL PLUS is the recognized leader for anything and everything you need to enter the automobile detailing business.

DETAIL PLUS has customers that include mobile detailing operations, detailing shops, car wash operations; and auto dealers all over the world, on every continent.

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The last 3 years have not been the best for our country, for business, and specifically the auto detailing business, but we are seeing signs of recovery and that is the reason that many individuals and related companies are looking to the car appearance industry as an opportunity to own their own business or add a profitable service to their existing business.

Aggressive business people are now willing to make the move to have a better life and they are doing it by recognizing the enormous potential that the auto detailing business offers.

The benefit is that owning your own mobile or fixed detailing business is easy. You can enter the detailing business like a professional for a few thousand dollars and as business grows, you can add more and more detailing technology to your business.

You can keep a full-time job while operating your own part-time car detailing business.

An automobile is a person’s second, and in many cases, one of their largest investments and they want to take care of it. In fact, more people realize that car appearance maintenance is as important as mechanical maintenance. Therefore, it is far easier today to find customers for your car appearance / car detailing service because the motorist is seeking the service.

The customers for detailing services are many: car enthusiasts; owners of fleets of vehicles; the small business owner; professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, professional athletes; car rental agencies; police departments; and corporations to name a few. Then you have the airplane market; boats and yachts; recreational vehicles; motor homes; even agricultural equipment needs detailing services.

DETAIL PLUS has the finest full course training program in the industry that includes a multi-step process to develop and operate a mobile, fixed location, or detail business in conjunction with another business.