About Keith Duplessie, CD-SV, RT

Keith has always loved to build things - whether that be equipment, organizations or businesses, he has a passion for seeing others succeed and grow. Keith joined the military in 1989 and has served in active duty and as a reserve soldier continuously since then. A veteran of multiple mobilizations and deployment, he has risen to the rank of First Sergeant and was recently selected for Sergeant Major as a member of the Texas Army National Guard.

In keeping with this core belief of active participation in your industry, Keith is a founding member of the International Detailing Association serving on its board for eight years and completing two terms as president of the association.

In his time on the board, Keith helped usher in the industry’s first certification program, IDA Certified Detailer. He is the first individual to ever attain the IDA’s Recognized Trainer accreditation and is also the recipient of both the IDA’s Leadership Award and Outstanding Service Award.

Keith also participates as a member of The Detailers Network and has been honored to be included in The Detail Mafia. This has led to his selection as a team member of The Air Force One Detailing Team. This annual event preserves and protects the original Air Force One and 18 other historic aircraft at the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Keith on business and how Detail Plus can help you: “Big thing for me is and I really believe that leadership is the core asset to any business. That businesses don’t succeed because of concept, equipment, tools, supplies, they succeed because there is a leader that sets a course and a direction and looks out for the welfare of their employees and fosters an environment of success. I really believe that.

In business you manage three things. People; things; and money. It’s my goal with Detail Plus to help YOU manage the things in your shop, and the people that make your business go. I believe the money will follow if you do those things.

To that end, Detail Plus systems are designed to minimize distractions, and extra steps for your employees and maximize the effectiveness of consumable items, such as chemicals pads and towels. This helps the business owner focus on what’s most important building a culture of excellent service for their customers and well-trained professional staff to help them.”

Keith Duplessie

Listen to Keith explain the different levels of certification and training available to IDA members.

In 2018, he was selected to be part of the Air Force One detailing team.

Listen to Keith talk with ??? from The Rag Company about working on the Air Force One detailing project.

Air Force One Detailing Team Patch


Keith shares his expertise with the industry in a number of publications.

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