Looking for Carpet Dyeing Systems?

Complexity and Price of Carpet Dyeing Systems

Detail Plus has been serving the auto detailing profession for decades now. We used to carry carpet dyeing systems but found out three things that you'll want to consider.

The carpet dyeing process is:
  1. Very technical
  2. Time and material intensive
  3. Price prohibitive for most detailers

Google "Interior Repair Specialist near me"

This is why we do not carry carpet dyeing systems, and why we recommend contacting a leather, vinyl and carpet auto-interior repair specialist.

If you know professional carpet cleaning equipment will not get you the results you want, your best method of re-dying carpet is to connect with an Interior Repair Specialist in your market.

Carpet Cleaning with Extractors and Steamers

We've found that most problems with carpet that need to be re-dyed are the result of stains and soiling that can be resolved with traditional methods using extractors and carpet steamers.

Carpet Cleaning with Stain Removal Chemicals

Detail Plus offers an excellent stain removal product line and high quality steamers that we believe can assist you in removing the majority of these stains.

Check out our Double Black Carpet Cleaning System of chemicals and our steamers.

If you have any questions about best techniques and practices, feel free to contact us at info@detailplus.com.