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DETAIL PLUS has everything you need to launch a successful auto detail operation. For decades we have installed, trained, and supported professional detailing operations across the world. Let our experienced staff guide your organization through the start-up phase.

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The result is a blend of product knowledge, technical knowledge, technical confidence, and operational experience to help your company get started. If you have questions on how to get started contact us at:


We want to help you optimize your shop. That doesn’t always mean new equipment, it could be as simple as better training. We would love to consult with you about your shop, or help with training. We can evaluate your shop from staffing, purchasing, and operational procedures and give you an honest assessment of how we think we can help you.

Prentice St. Clair CD-SV, RT Auto Detailing Trainer

Our trainer, Prentice St. Clair CD-SV, RT is a world-renowned detailer in his own right, and has more than 25 years experience as a detailer and detailing trainer. He trained for Detail Plus for over a decade, working with our dealership, carwash, and independent detail shop partners around the country. His ability to relate to your staff and impart upon them his decades of knowledge will have a transformative effect on your business operation.

Certified Detailer, Accredited by the IDA

Prentice is also a Founder’s Club member of the IDA and holds the Certified Detailer, Skills Validated and Recognized Trainer accreditations from the IDA.

Training Format
Base Rate Additional Per-person
One-day Consult, Assessment  $   1,500.00  n/a 
TRAINING RATES (1-2 people)    
Per-Day Training (additional days or customized program)  $   1,000.00  $             100.00
Three-day Formal Intensive Training   $   3,500.00  $             350.00
Four-day Formal Intensive Training  $   4,500.00  $             450.00
Five-day Complete Formal Training Program
w/IDA full certification
 $   5,500.00  $             550.00
IDA Certification Module (includes membership)  $      500.00  $             350.00


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