Interior Dryer
Interior Dryer

Interior Dryer

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All detailers have problems with wet interiors after shampooing carpets and fabric seats, which can cause odors, or worse, mold growth in the interior of the vehicle. Now you have a solution for this problem, the DETAIL PLUS Interior Dryer is a professional piece of equipment similar in design to those used by commercial carpet cleaners to quickly dry carpets in homes, offices, and buildings.

The Interior Dryer generates 2200 cfm of air. When directed at carpets and seats, evaporates the moisture left from shampooing in 30 - 45 minutes. *You can also place the interior dryer in the trunk to dry the carpet/mat areas of the trunk.

It is recommended that you purchase a minimum of two interior dryers so that you can quickly dry the entire front or rear area of the vehicle. For higher volume detail operations it is suggested that you have four dryers in order to dry an entire vehicle in 30-45 minutes. The interior dryer is stackable for easy storage.

*Based on normal extractor clean rinse

Detail Plus Interior Dryers can be used in many ways to provide fast and efficient drying.
  • Place between seat and dashboard to dry front carpets.
  • Strap to headrest to dry front seats.
  • Strap to front door windows to dry front seats.
  • Place between seat and back of front seats to dry rear carpets.
  • Strap to back of front seat to dry rear seats.
  • Strap to back door window to dry rear seats.
  • Dimensions: 21'' high x 13'' wide x 14'' deep
  • Weight: 24lbs (11kg) 35lbs shipping (16kg)
  • Housing: High Impact Rotational Molded Plastic
  • Motor: 3 Speed 1/3 HP Motor
  • Max Velocity: 2200 CFM
  • Power Requirements: 60 Hz/115 Volt (50Hz/220 Volt Available)
  • Amps: 3.9 @ High Speed & 2.7 @ Low Speed
  • Air Flow: Horizontal; 45 Degree Angle; 90 Degree Angle
  • RPM: High 1050; Low 650
  • CFM: High 2200; Low 1500
  • Warranty: 1 Year