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"Hands Free" Automatic Mat Washers

Whether you are a full service or exterior/express car wash, DETAIL PLUS Mat Washer Systems are the answer.

Full Service Car Wash - a fast and very efficent "hands-free" method to clean or shampoo floor mats for better customer service and extra revenue. You can sell a carpet mat shampoo for up to $2.00 for each mat.

Exterior Car Wash - A great revenue builder using bill or coin operated models; or you can offer the service at no charge to compliment free vacuuming.


Extractomat Mat Washer


The EXTRACTOMAT is the newest innovation in mat cleaning from DETAIL PLUS, who has sold mat cleaning systems for over 25 years. This revolutionary new system provides water extraction from carpet mats, providing an almost 100% dry mat. After the mat is rinsed with either water, or an optional built-in automatic shampoo system; a nylon brush scrubs the mat, then 2 powerful motors "extract" the moisture out of the mat.

The EXTRACTOMAT offers a variety of cleaning options:

  • Washes and extracts moisture from carpet & plastic/rubber mats
  • Shampoos and extracts carpet mats
  • Provides dry cleaning by dry brushing & vacuuming sand grit out of carpet mats
  • Attended or Coin/Bill operated units available
  • Three-way switch automatically provides three cleaning functions

  • Specifications:

    Size: 46'' height x 27.5'' depth x 40'' width
    Water: Standard 1/2'' Pipe
    Weight: 462 LBS
    Power: Single Phase, 110 Volt 30 AMP (50 HZ, 220 Volt Availible)
    Drying: Suction w/ 2 3 stage Vacuum Motors
    Maximum Mat Width: 31.5''
    Construction: Stainless Steel

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