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Express Detailer
  • Heated Extractor with view window nozzle provides 190 degree soil extraction.
  • Powerful 3-stage wet/dry vacuum sucks up the smallest particles of sand and grit.
  • spray gun wax applicator alows the attendant to wax an entire vehicle in less than 30 seconds. A must for any express operator.
  • Dressing is quickly and evenly applied to tires for a high shine and lustre.
  • Glass Cleaner is one of three other chemicals that can be dispensed from the express detailer for ease of application.
  • Air powered mini orbital waxer is used to apply cleaner/wax for vehicles needing more than just wax protection.
  • Air powered rotary shampooer provides fast and efficient friction shampooing on carpets and fabric upholstery that are extremely dirty.
  • 6 Gallon Extractor Shampoo and Recovory tanks are accessed from the back door of the Express Detailer.
  • 4 Easy-to-access Chemical Holding Tanks provide adequate chemical supply. Tank pressure is monitored by pressure valves.
  • Power Module contains extractor solution pump, vacuum motor, and in-line heater for extractor shampoo.


16 Gauge Steel Cabinet
(4) Stainless Steel Chemical Holding Tanks
(1) Spray Gun Wax Applicator w/ 20' Dual non-kink hose
(1) 3 Stage Vacuum Motor
(1) 100 PSI Pump
(1) 1000 Watt In-Line Heater
(1) 6 Gallon Extractor Shampoo Solution & Recovery Tank
(3) 20' Coiled non-kink Chemical Lines & Applicator Guns
(2) 20' Coiled non-kink Air Lines w/ Quick Disconnect Air Sources
(1) 20' Vacuum Hose w/ Swivel Cuffs, Snorkel, & Crevice Tool (1 1/2'')
(1) 20' Extractor Hose w/ Hide-a-Hose Solution Lines & SS Detail Tool w/ View Window


Single Phase 110/220 Volt
50/60 Hz Electrical Power
Minimum 5 HP Air Compressor Required


A typical EXPRESS PLUS 2-Bay Package can be installed indoors or outdoors. With four people you can process a minimum of 8-10 Express Services per hour. That's more than enough to meet the demands of the highest volume car wash.

The key to the EXPRESS PLUS System in organization. Having everything needed to perform the services within easy reach of the worker. With the EXPRESS DETAILER and PORTABLE WORK CART, you have complete organization

Another key to successful express detailing is training. With the EXPRESS PLUS System your managers, service writers, and employees are completely trained in all facets of Express Detailing. Technicians are provided "step-by-step procedures" for each express detailing service.
Process 8-10 Express Details Per Hour!

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