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We can make auto detailing as easy as...A, B, C.

  • CHEMSPENSE Work Stations CHEMSPENSE Work Stations This unique system has revolutionized auto detailing by eliminating squeeze and spray bottles, disorganization, and mess. Puts everything at the detailers fingertips.
  • 12 Detailing Chemicals, Cleaners, and Shampoos 12 Detailing Chemicals, Cleaners, and Shampoos All necessary cleaners, shampoos, and treatments are dispensed through the easy-to-use chemical lines, eliminating the waste, distraction, and mess associated with squeeze and spray bottles.
  • Compounds, Polishes, and Waxes Compounds, Polishes, and Waxes Even the more viscous chemicals are dispensed through the system, making the paint finishing process faster.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Wet/Dry Vacuum Each Chemspense Work Station includes its very own powerful wet/dry vacuum system, eliminating the need for clumsy portable shop vacuums.
  • Heated Soil Extractor Heated Soil Extractor An added feature of the CHEMSPENSE Work Station is an internal heated soil extraction system for cleaning and shampooing carpets & fabric upholstery.
  • Air Lines Air Lines Two coiled air lines are utilized for operating pneumatic buffers, shampooers, and orbital waxers, and to blow dust & dirt out of hard to reach places.
  • Chemical Dilution and Dispensing System Chemical Dilution and Dispensing System
  • This new chemical distribution center automatically dilutes all water-based chemicals to the exact proportions; eliminating chemical waste and improper mixing. All chemicals, including ready-to-use products, are delivered to the CHEMSPENSE Work Stations installed in the detailing center.
  • Mounted in a "locked" equipment room, the detailing chemicals are secure from employees, reducing misuse or "shrinkage". Chemical usage can be monitored, leaving the owner in full control of the inventory. With this system you can substantially reduce chemical costs more than enough to pay for the entire CHEMSPENSE System.
  • Detail Work Carts Detail Work Carts
  • Critical to the organiation of the CHEMSPENSE equipped shop, are the compact and moveable Detail Work Carts.
  • The Detail Work Carts provide "fingertip" storage for buffing pads, tools, towels, and all supplies. Each cart includes detachable bins for dirty towels and refuse.
  • Detail Work Cart Storage Detail Work Cart Storage

Chemspense Work Stations
How the CHEMSPENSE System Fits Together

This is the only detailing equipment system in the world
that provides organization, efficiency, and ease of management.

With a CHEMSPENSE equipped detail shop "everything has a place and everything is in its place". The Work Stations are placed on both sides of the vehicle to allow more than one person to independently work on a vehicle at the same time.

The Equipment Room can be located anywhere space is available. Typically it would include: Chemical Supply Center, Air Compressor, Pressure Washer, Storage Cabinets, Chemical Dilution System, Washer and Dryer.

  • Complete CHEMSPENSE System Complete CHEMSPENSE System
  • 2 Bay 2 Bay Three CHEMSPENSE Layout
  • 3 Bay 3 Bay 4 CHEMSPENSE Layout
  • 4 Bay 4 Bay 5 CHEMSPENSE Layout
  • 4 Bay Tandem 4 Bay Tandem Four CHEMSPENSE Layout
  • Additional Space Requirements Additional Space Requirements Which ever shop layout is selected, also required is space for at least 1 wash bay fir ckeaning engines prepping & washing vehicles; plus an equipment or storage room. The location of these areas are flexable and DETAIL PLUS can assist you with location if space is a problem. NOTE: LARGER SHOP LAYOUTS ARE AVAILABLE

A Complete DETAIL PLUS Package Includes:
  • Consulting advice on shop size and layout
  • Detailed engineering drawings
  • All necessary detailing equipment
  • Chemicals and Supplies
  • Installation
  • On-site Management and Operations Training
  • On-site technical training
  • Continuing support after installation
8 Reasons Why DETAIL PLUS is a Smart Decision!