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Allows users to wash cars, boats, and motorcycles while containing potentially hazardous materials and waste water until it can be disposed of properly. The simple method for waste water removal is a small pump that delivers water to a holding tank. A wet/dry vacuum may be used as well.


Foam wall berms are designed for long life and less maintenance. They are very simple to use and set up is minimal. There are cutouts on the bottom side of the berm in the corners and every 5 feet around the perimeter to accept the foam inserts. Foam inserts are 3'' diameter by 5 feet long and are manually slid into the cutout pockets. Once inserted your berm is ready to use. There are seperate storage bags for the berm and the foam inserts.

  • Drive in/out without risking damage to foam walls.
  • Tread Pads Available
  • Can be manufactured to meet any size specifications or requirements
  • Optional full enclosed or removable foam walls
  • Ground covers available
  • Materials Options: PVCs from 22 oz - 30 oz, all XR materials, urethanes
  • Standard wall size is 3'', taller sizes available up to 12''
  • High quality foam end walls can be driven over repeatedly with no damage
  • Maneuvering straps in corners every 10 feet
  • Storage bags
Standard Dimensions - Foam Wall Berms

Foam Wall Berms - Water Containment Mats

Air wall berms have a continuous air chamber that allows the air to disperse throughout the chamber when driving in and out of the berm. This design, along with pressure relief valve, eliminated any blow outs.

One piece construction and manufactured with materials ranging from 22oz PVC to 40oz urethanes, and everything in between. Great when storage space is limited. No metal or plastic pieces, rods, or foam to complicate folding and create a bulky package. Lighter than other one piece berms.

  • Drive through, in and out
  • Continuous air wall construction
  • Straps in the corners every 10 feet down the sides
  • Easy set up and storage
  • Storage bag included
  • Materials Options: PVCs from 22 oz - 30 oz, all XR materials, urethanes
  • Wall sizes from 3'' to 24'', 3'' to 6'' walls can be driven over
  • Standard valves: schrader valve, pressure release valve, boat valve
  • "Quick Fix" Field Repair Kit Included
Standard Dimensions - Air Wall Berms

Air Wall Berms - Water Containment Mats

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