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Paint Touch Up Cabinet


Compact & Convenient...allows you to match over 55,000 automotive paint & vinyl colors.

Surveys indicate that over 95% of the nearly 500 million cars on the road have at least one serious paint chip, scratch, or scuff that needs repair. This means added revenues and profits for you business

If you are considering adding profitable paint touch-up to your business, look no further.

A fail-safe process...Professional Results!

PAINT PLUS from DETAIL PLUS Systems is based on organization. Everything the attendant needs to mix, match, & Apply the paint is contained in the portable cabinet.

And, with the DETAIL PLUS training manual and hands-on training school, you can become an expert in a matter of days.

Paint Plus 1
1. Locate the vehicle paint number

The first step in the process is to locate the vehicle paint code. Manuals provide the location for all vehicle makes.
Paint Plus 2
2. Match Color Chip

Next, find the color chip in the manual with the code number for the paint fomula.
Paint Plus 3
3. Log on to your computer

Your computer is an easy way to view the paint mixing formulas. Each base colorant is required for the formula is listed on the CD, including the amount of each to duplicate the paint color.
Paint Plus 4
4. Select Base Colorants & Mix

Remove all the base colorants required from the colorant drawer. Each bottle is clearly marked to correspond to code number. Place 1/4 oz mixing cup on the scale & begin the mixing process by using the exact amount of each base colorant as indicated on the CD.
Paint Plus 5
5. Blend Completed Formula in Mixer

After completing the formulation, place a cap on the mixing cup & put it into the mixer for 15 - 30 seconds.
Paint Plus 6
6. Apply Paint w/ Air Brush, Gravity Flow Pencil or Brush

After testing for consistency & color match, attach cup to the air brush & begin touch-up repairs!
The PAINT PLUS System comes fully equipped & Supplied...Ready to Use!

The PAINT PLUS System is a completely self contained touch-up system in its own portable cabinet that includes everything needed for you to provide a professional paint touch-up service.

PAINT PLUS Touch-Up System Includes:

1 Cabinet: Custom designed, heavy gauge steel, portable cabinet, pre-wired for 110 volt electrical service, including a 6-plug utility bar & 15 AMP breaker.
72H x 42W x 21D
1 Air Compressor: 2HP, 8 gallon tank w/ oil-less pump producing 3.6 @ 40PSI, 110 volt, 15 AMP
1 Paint System: Features all the base colorants for all base coat/clean coat systems. Paint color information included color variant chips to help identify color for every vehicle for perfect matching & repair. The Lesonal paint system is considered the finest in the industry.
CD: Contains formula mixing instructions for each paint.
Electronic Paint Mixer
Electronic Gram Scale w/ Adaptor
Paasche Air Brushes w/ 8 Braided Air Hoses
Gravity Flow Pencil
25 Pro-Touch Tips
1 Prep Pen
2 Siphon Tops
1 Siphon Top w/ Bottle
1 Air Hose:
25 x 3/8D with quick disconnect
120 1/4 oz. Paint Mixing Cups
1 8 oz. Bottle Overspray Remover
2 8 oz. Bottles of Reducer
1 8 oz. Blending Agent
1 Set MSDS Sheets for Paints
1 Pkg. Air Brush Cleaners
1 Pkg. Cotton Swabs
1 1-1/2 Roll of Masking Tape
1 3/4 Roll of Masking Tape
1 Sandpaper Disc Holder
25 #600 Wet/Dry Sandpaper
25 #1500 Wet/Dry Sandpaper


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