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Simple and Fast Carpet Reconditioning

With this revolutionary new system you can enhance, recolor, or dye any automotive carpet, floor mat, door panel, and most upholstry in a matter of minutes. Unlike other carpet coloring and/or dyeing processes, CARPET COLOR PLUS does not use paint. We use the same acid-based, heat-activated dyes used in teh carpet mills to provide a permanent, non-fade color. This gives the carpet a soft and plush "like new" feel and look. Best of all, there is no color matching required. All dyes have been blended to meet the 16 most common carpet colors used by auto manufacturers worldwide. Just mix and spray. There is no problem with overspray - the dye will not stick to vinyl, leather, or plastic. When the process is complete, just wipe any overspray off with a towel.

The CARPET COLOR PLUS - Carpet Dyeing Process

With this easy-to-use system the operator can provide the following services for carpets, floor mats, door panels, and most upholstry.

Enhancement - for vehicle interiors in good condition that have lost that "new car" look. A light spray of dye and they are renewed to like new condition.

Recoloring - for vehicle interiors that have irreparable stains and fading that cannot be corrected. A heavy spray of dye and you will cover the stains, bleach marks, and fading, darkening the original color slightly.

Dyeing - for vehicle interiors that are severely stained, faded, and worn. A heavy spray of dye will completely cover the original color, leaving a rich, like new finish (some colors may require more than one application).

All-in-one Portable Carpet Dye System

Absolutely everything you need is contained on the portable cart. The only such system on the market.

    Carpet Dye System includes:
  • 1 - Portable Plastic Cart (26'' side x 41'' long x 33'' high)
  • 1 - 1000 Watt In-Line Dye Heater
  • 1 - 60 PSI Diaphragm Pump
  • 1 - Coiled "Non-Kink" Hose with Adjustable Spray Nossel
  • 22 - One-Gallon Dye and Rinse Containers with Quick Disconnect Tops
  • 18 - Carpet Dyes (2 oz of dye powder makes 1 gallon of solution)
  • 1 - One-liter Container of Dye Activator/Penetrant
  • 1 - One-Quart of Bleach Neutralizer
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
Carpet Dyeing System Color Chart, 16 Carpet Dyes



Dark Blue

Light Blue









Medium Grey


Dark Grey